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The Sleeping Bag Appeal

A friend of mine recently started the sleeping bag appeal where you can purchase bags via amazon and have them delivered to him and he will distribute to rough sleepers this winter.  The response has been great, and this morning I was explaining to my 3 year old that not everyone has a home.  His response is so beautiful, i just had to share

I translated below:

Mummy: what do you want to do for people that sleep in the cold
Ethan: I want to give my house away and give it to the old men
Ethan: but I don’t want to sleep out in the cold
Ethan: mum we could take our blankets off our beds
Ethan: that’s a good idea
Mummy: what’s a good idea?
Ethan: if you sleep out in the cold, in the winters night, we can buy you some blankets



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