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Time hop
As I mentioned previously blogging is fast becoming a rare guilty pleasure for me now. Working mums of two are lucky to find time to shower let alone sit and write. Anywho, I put my iPad on this morning and pics from one year ago popped up, it’s called a Timehop. I’m third trimester pregnant, although I recall I felt like dog poo I look young and refreshed and glowing (sob)
It got me thinking, as I Looked at the pregnancy test or held my scan photo, I remember not knowing if I was over the moon, or totally terrified at being pregnant again. I recall asking myself was there enough love to go round for a whole new human? Was this the right time? Is there ever a right time? What if this baby takes over three years to sleep through the night too?
What I can say to any mums waiting on bubba no2 is that the ‘Enough Love’ part is simple, somehow your heart just grows (just like everything else) and there is room for the newbie, in fact you can’t remember a time when your heart wasn’t this swollen (just like everything else) ! But as for my other questions, I still don’t have the answers- I’m just winging it.
I don’t think there is ever a right time for a baby, it’s not like you get a letter from the bank telling you ‘You now how sufficient funds’ go knock yourself out! or that you turn the page in your kitchen calendar and are given coupling clearance. New babies are just another part of the mishmash we all call life. 
What I can tell you for certain is that having 4 little eyes watching you shower, is twice as disconcerting than 2. There will be days when you can’t stop the baby crying, so the toddler cries because the baby is crying and you end up crying because you can’t work out how you went from successful jet-setting Starbucks drinking covergirl to something that the cat spat out (maybe just me).
Plus the second time round you have The Knowledge, no I’m not talking about the taxi drivers London road map. I’m talking the mummy knowledge. You know how bad labour and delivery is, you now know every postpartum toilet trip is terrifying and now going to come with a running toddler commentary. The advice that everyone gives you to ‘sleep when the baby sleeps’ is more like a running joke seeing as your 4 year old gave up naps over a year ago. 
The first time round baby had every conceivable toy, all organic and natural foods and that baby bag was always fully stocked. I carried spare outfits, bibs, books a selection of sensory toys you name it I had it plus some. Second child knows a different type of mummy, this mummy lets him play with the lid to the sudo cream and an empty water bottle. It’s not that I am out of love with the experience or having a baby becomes less magic. In short, when there is more than one child ‘Shit just got real’.
So as I reminisce at the photos, blogs and videos I had time for last year I smile, that mummy had no idea. 

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