Step Away New Mamma

Step Away New Mamma

Step away new mamma…You don’t need that


Let me set the scene, your 6 months pregnant for the first time. You think it’s about time you started buying some ‘baby stuff’. So, you work up your courage, rope in your mum, best mate or significant other and head over to Kiddicare/Mothercare/ Toys R Us. These stores can be really intimidating just venture into. It feels like everyone is scrutinizing your bump, and looking at what you’re buying. I remember the feeling well.


Now I personally think the staff are trained to spot these occasions, they see you coming with your eyes wide like a rabbit caught in headlights and rub their hands together in glee. Fresh Victims, who they can talk into buying everything as you have no clue what’s necessary and Whats not.


Now, I’m not a genius – but allow me to assist you with what I’ve managed to learn over the last 4 years. You do not need to buy the following.


  1. A bottle warmer-

These things are top of my list, at 3am when baby is screaming and you are fiddling about with this stupid thing you’ll want to launch it out the window!! They take forever (10 mins or so) to heat adequately and never get the temperature just right. I found a jug of hot water FAR QUICKER.


Saving £20


  1. Nappy Stacker

Yes they look cute, especially when they match the rest of your nursery, but do you really want to unpack every pack of nappies you buy for 3 years only to stack them up again in this contraception that you’ll be frantically trying to pull a nappy out of with one hand whilst elbow deep in poo at 4am? No. I didn’t think so. Plus once junior is mobile they will take delight in pulling all the nappies out – EVERY DAY


Saving £20


  1. Nappy Genie & refill cartridges

You really don’t need a dedicated dirty nappy bin of slowly degrading feces in babies bedroom! Just throw them out as you go. They do keep smells locked up, but at some point you need to empty the thing *vom* plus you regularly need to buy refill cartridges. Total waste!


Saving £30


  1. Newborn shoes

Yes they look adorable, but they won’t stay on and you’ll spend so much time crawling under tables searching for the other foot, only to notice the first one has now slid off. The thing to remember here is that Babies can’t walk, therefore their feet don’t fit Into shoes properly anyway. Save your pennies people.


Saving £10


  1. Baby Food Processor

Yes making your own baby food sounds appealing until you are dealing with the situation in real life. You barely have enough time to cook for yourself yet this seemed a fab purchase. My advice, if you have a blender at home already, then you have a baby food processor already they do the same job.


Saving £25


  1. Newborn size bottles

You don’t need the diddy sized baby bottles, sure they look super cute, but soon enough junior will be packing away more than they can handle and you’ll have to rebuy full size versions of the same bottles. What I think makes more sense is using full size bottles with new born teats. Just upgrade the teats as baby grows!!


Saving £20


  1. Dedicated Changing table

I’m guilty of this one and have a dedicated changing table in my nursery. Number of times it was used with baby no 1 – I’d have to say less than 10. The floor is a much easier and safer place to change a babies bum, and trust me – you’ll be a pro within weeks, meaning you’ll change a bum anywhere. I found that having baby horizontal to me was quite an uncomfortable position to change in anyway? Much more natural for baby to be lying in front of you. Plus I was always worried about the height of the changing table once baby started wriggling.


Saving £100


Voila, I just saved you £215 so you go treat yourself to a spa day and a lovely dinner.


You’re Welcome x





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