Sleep Training

Anyone who follows my blog will know Brody has been a struggle. It was a tough pregnancy, a tough birth and a very very tough 5 months so far.

He has colic, severe reflux and a cows milk allergy, he was also waking every 20/30 minutes at night. Seriously my life was a wreck, I have a 3 year old toddler and I’m a working model. So now you’re in the picture, let me talk about sleep training.

I know some parents out there equate sleep training to playing with matches. It’s just not something they entertain at all. I half hearted tried doing it when Ethan was a baby but was never really strict enough which resulted in him not sleeping through the night until he was over 3 years old.

So after a couple of particularly bad weeks with Brody resulting in me crying in the chemist because they wouldn’t honour his prescription, crying on phone to consultant and then crying at a photoshoot, I knew I needed more sleep. I just wasn’t functioning as a human which isn’t fair on my family.

I decided that the 4 day weekend over Easter would be a great time to tackle Brody’s sleep.

I know people feel differently about the methods of sleep training out there, but I decided to face my problem head on and go for the “cry it out method”.

I have a fab movement, and breathing baby monitor, so I made sure that was on, but the rules were no touching, or picking Brody up. You can ssshhh him, but for no longer than 30 seconds. No replacing his dummy either as I wanted him to ‘self soothe’ and not rely solely on his dummy (like Ethan did)

I put him down at the same time as Ethan, around 7:30pm and they both went off to sleep fine (going to sleep was never a problem for Brody). The first wake up was before I’d even gone up to bed, and although it’s awful listening to him cry, I knew just by peeping into his room he was ok. I used 10 minute intervals between checks, and as I said no lifting him or touching him. The first night was the worst with him crying on and off for hours, but I stuck to my guns.

The crying decreased night on night until by the fourth night Brody slept from 7:30-5am. He has now been doing that since Easter Monday which is such a fantastic achievement. He is so much more content during the daytimes and I am obviously I happier for the rest too. I am currently working on naps in the same way. I have also found that the regular sleep and 3 solid meals a day has really helped settle Brody. Because he was awake 10+ times a night before, I guess there was no real structure to his days and nights.

Having used both methods of sleep training with both my boys, there is no argument for the effectiveness of the ‘cry it out method’, if you have the stomach for it, it really has worked.

There you go, I’m sure many people will knock me for what I did, but for me and my family this has been the right method. Any other advocates for the cry it out method out there? Or any other methods? I’d love to hear from you

Lots of Love and Zzzzzzz


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