Sleep is for the weak

Good Morning World- im writing this on my iPhone (excuse the errors)

I’ve been in Ibiza for the bank holiday weekend, and as you can imagine- early mornings haven’t  been my first priority.
So at 2am this morning when a soggy toddler woke me up, I couldn’t work out if this was ‘real life’ or just a vodka induced hallucination on the White Isle. I’m sure all you parents out there can relate to the gut dropping realisation that morning has indeed arrived early…very early 
First of all you jump awake with a start. A few blinks to try and work out what planet you are on. In my case this morning the thought process took longer than normal after a few days of being out of practice. I Look at the clock, it’s 02:31. In Ibiza land, I’m still dancing the night away…not today. 
Next came denial. I kept thinking if I squeezed my eyes shut, It would be a figment of my imagination. No such luck, it’s pretty rare but my little treasure had wet the bed. I drag myself around the landing, quickly change the sheets, bargain with son number 1 that if he goes back to bed we can make cakes in the morning. Thankfully he agrees and I’m back in bed by 02:45.
It feels like I blinked and I’m back in confusedville. What’s that wailing? Is it inside my head? Is this a hangover? Oh, it’s the baby. Time check, it’s 5am, it’s at this point I face a truly defining decision. Do I get up quick, collect Brody in the hope that Ethan stays asleep? This does mean I accept my day has now begun, although only at a 50% demand level OR do I bury myself in the duvet, pretend I can’t hear anything and hope this is a really vivid dream. I’ll wake up in Ibiza, with my friends making breakfast downstairs? The third option is to do nothing- and see if the baby will just go back to sleep, this is my favourite option, but it’s Defo the riskiest…this baby racket could certainly wake the toddler. 
I’m no risk assessment expert, especially at 5am after a 4 day session, but I decided to go with option one today. One baby is easier to handle than two- right??? perhaps I can cuddle the little one back off to sleep?
Ok, it’s 05:15 and I’m cuddling a cooing, drooling baby, my theory is just not working. He wants to be awake, he’s waving his arms. The emergency teething powder on my bedside table is doing nothing and I’m getting desperate. As I’m shushing him and stroking his cheek, Ethan enters the room carrying an iPad and 4 minions.
Acceptance. I learn that my defence is futile, it’s 05:20 and I know my time has come. Morning has broken, 48 hours ago I was in Sankeys nightclub with my broken wedges on, today I have two children climbing all over me and I can’t change it. I lay back and let them be free, maybe they’ll lay down on me and sleep.
Maybe not….thoughts like the fact I’ll never know what it feels like to be refreshed are running through my mind. I’m wondering if I can put coffee into the milk with my cereal for an added kick today. 
Realisation finally sets in, just as Ethan gives me 26 kisses to put in my pocket. Brody is pulling my hair and slapping my forehead, but I’m sort of enjoying it. I missed this when I was away. Nobody snuggles like my little skunks, and whilst I think I must be some kind of masochist? I’ll begrudgingly say, bring on tomorrow morning, albeit at 7am please. 

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