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No More Page 3

I’ve been meaning to write something about this and would love to know what peoples views on the subject are. You may or may not know that I am a glamour model or for the want of a better term a “Page 3 girl” and I’ve been doing the job for a little over six years and have really really enjoyed being a part of an industry that many people have a strong opinion of.

My entry into the glamour modelling world was almost accidental; I had already gained my degree and had rewarding job in the City of London. It was only upon seeing a TV show about modelling that I decided to try my luck.

From being a part of this fabulous and diverse industry for majority of my working life, it really upsets me that some of the UK feminist groups have decided to essentially shut down my livelihood.

I firstly have to say I would consider myself a feminist, I am 100% behind equality across the sexes.  If you look at the production of Page 3 photograph in the Sun, The photographer is a woman, the makeup artist is a women, as is the stylist and all the models.  The glamour industry is a very strong female led world. Whilst these campaigners are harping on about the objectification of women in the media, I am thinking to myself, have they actually asked the women in the photos how they feel?

Fact is, I choose to be a model; nobody pushed me into this role. I made this conscious decision to earn a living this way. I get on with it, I pay my taxes, just like any other job, and for me it has been a very rewarding and exciting career. It doesn’t define me as a person. Why should one group of people get to dictate to another and indeed a nation because they are uncomfortable with Page 3 images being in a newspaper?

People often throw the usual statement at me asking what my parents think about my chosen career.  I have to say my parents are very proud of me, I graduated university and have gone on to have a very rewarding career.  I have travelled the world and would like to think I have become a very rounded person off the back of the experiences that modelling has given me.

There are many daily newspapers available on the newsstands, and if The Sun were to remove Page 3 from their publication, does that mean all of the campaigners will then go out and purchase the paper? The answer is no. Of course not – I can’t imagine for a moment that the kind of people that are complaining about the presence of Page 3 are or have ever regularly bought the paper. I personally think there is much larger issues of female objectification in society and these campaigners would be far better placed to focus on issues that actually need addressing such as women being trafficked into the sex industry, domestic violence or female genital mutilation. These issues are happening in the UK right now and those subjects desperately need publicity and support.

Fully-grown women consent to being photographed for Page 3 and Glamour modelling. Whilst one group of people might not like this idea-there are many other people love page 3. I liken it to genres of music – if I don’t like rock music, I don’t buy it or listen to it. I wont punish those people that do. People say that Page 3 is outdated in modern day society, but i say Why not?  Its been there for 44 years – Its almost a British institution.  We are lucky enough to live in a society that celebrates the differences between people and I feel it’s those differences that make the UK such a great and diverse nation.

Looking at page 3 in The Sun, the content is inside the newspaper that has to be purchased and unless you buy the product you wont see it. Occasionally people bring up the argument, “There was a copy on the train/in a café and my child saw it”. Well, as a parent myself, I have always explained to my children about the human body. I give boobs no more focus than hands or feet. They are just something that “girls have”. I don’t know why such a monumental deal is being made out of bosoms? Every other person on the planet has a set.

Breastfeeding in public has been a subject of much press in recent months, with many people claiming that it should be seen as normal and acceptable – I totally agree. If a mother is baring her breasts in a way that is natural for her to feed her baby – that is HER choice. Similarly, if I am happy to be photographed baring my boobs, that too should be MY choice. Someone else should not have the right to penalise me for what is ultimately my decision.

This brings me to my final question, there is plenty of actress filming topless scenes in a movie, why does this not elicit such a strong response? Stars like Kate Winslet, Sharon Stone and Salma Hayek have all appeared topless, not to mention Kate Moss, Candice Swanepoel and Naomi Campbell is various fashion shoots. Why is it always the glamour girls getting the bad rep?

I think the people that go out of their way to campaign about ‘no more page 3’ should perhaps take a look at themselves. If the women producing the content are happy and the people that buy the paper everyday are happy – why rock the boat? Perhaps the issue should more “why do they feel so uncomfortable seeing these images?” Maybe the issue is more with them than us?




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  • Kourtney

    I love your point of view on this. I live in the US and we have much stricter laws about nudity in the newspapers and magazines than the UK. I couldn’t agree with you more. I’m a feminist as well, but because I disagree with a lot of the things most feminists are against they kind of look at me differently. I’ve always said if there is something you don’t like, don’t look at it. If you don’t like a particular type of music, don’t listen to it. No one is forcing you to do anything that you don’t want to do. If no one is getting hurt by it why do you care so much? You’re 100% correct when you say something may be wrong with them if looking at a human body makes them uncomfortable. I just want to know when we became a society to tell others how they should live their life. If they are happy and aren’t doing anything illegal, let them be. Anyway, I think you’re a beautiful model and wonderful mother. You have a fan over here in the US. xx

    • Emma

      Thank you so much Kourtney!! that really means a lot. I totally believe in a live and let live attitude. The planet would be a much nicer place if people learned to let go of the things they can’t change. XX


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