“Mum Me” Time

I realise I have been super rubbish at blogging, it’s in my head every night as I fall into bed but I can never find the time. Even now I type this on my phone whilst I’m in the bath (risky ?) 

So, I’m back working, baby is fully on the move and can’t be left unattended even for a minute, I need eyes in every orifice.  It seems kind of ironic that Brody is the reason I started Model Mummy- yet he is also what stops me from finding the time. 

We’ve had a tough few months there has been days where I’m in tears before breakfast. The sleepless nights, scream filled days and sheer helplessness of the first few months nearly broke me. But not anymore, he is currently doing great and I feel better. I’ve just started putting him into nursery 2 days a week meaning when I’m not shooting for the day job, I should have some scheduled time every week!!! Yaaay not just as a mummy but as ME, my “Mum-ME Time”, to use to do all those things we promise ourselves we will do, but never find the time for.

I’m sure there are some of you out there that can relate. Looking after a baby is pretty monotonous. You spend all day caring for these little ones, I’m a sticker for routine so it’s the same thing day in and day out at the same times. I use the time he sleeps to clean do laundry, cook or catch up on emails, let’s not forget spending time one on one with my 4 year old and my modelling job that doesn’t leave me much spare time. 
Im justifying all this to myself by saying when I’m rested and relaxed my mind is functioning at 100%, when I’m tired and trying to do 10 things at once, I’m nowhere near 100%. The boys deserve the best of me, so I shouldn’t feel guilty for taking that time out when I can. 

It’s easy to feel resentful when it feels like all you do is give and there is never time for you. So even if it’s just a couple of hours a week- I think us mums (and dads) need to find the time to be the best versions of ourselves. 

I’m using a nursery to help me with freeing up some time, but I realise that wouldn’t work for everyone. Perhaps some of these tips might work for you. 

Gym with Creche. If your local gym has one, take advantage! If you don’t feel like pounding the treadmill, you can just take a book and sit and read for an hour. 

Trade with a friend! This doesn’t even cost anything, but if you offer to watch a friends kids for an hour or two if she returns the favour, it’s pretty win win. Company for your child, feel good factor that you helped someone out and you know there’s a break in there for you too! 

Get up Earlier- this one doesn’t really work for me as my boys are early risers. But if your little’uns don’t get up until 7, you could try getting up at 5:30 one day. That peaceful cup of tea, time to actually apply mascara and early morning calm are sometimes worth the early call time. 

Cram on Cleaning, I used to have my own little cleaning routine. Beds on one day, bathroom on one day to spread the load across the week. However, I’ve now found if I cram cleaning into one day (ideally a weekend so I get assistance) it frees up some weekday time for me! Hooray, it’s not hours but it might be enough to watch an episode of Jeremy Kyle whilst Brody naps! 

I don’t pretend to have all the answers here, but hopefully these ideas could help. So here’s to not feeling guilty for wanting to be the best mummy I know how to be. 

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