I’m still here….

Well, I realise it’s been a while…a really long while. Ok, it’s been bloody ages! But there really isn’t enough time to blog these days. 

After the school run, I’m back studying, modelling and daytime routine mean I have literally no time. Not even an hour, not even 30 mins a day to pay attention to “Model Mummy”

I know she is there, but I just can’t help. I think it must be what Rose felt like on the titanic. She knew she couldn’t save Jack from the cold, so she let him go into the ocean. Well, I’m kinda there at the moment, I know I can’t DO model mummy, I want to but unless I give up the very little sleep I already get, I’ll have to let her go into the ocean. 

I have no idea how others find the time to blog/vlog, study, work, parent and live???

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