Christmas as a Mum

Christmas as a mum
This is my 4th Christmas as a mum, and although I have enjoyed everyone of them for what they are, I can’t help but feel a little bit Ebenezer Scrooge about it all. I don’t mean I have a lack of Christmas spirit (if you know me, you’ll know I LOVE Crimbo) but I can’t help imagining different Christmases. 

I dream of Christmas past…full of fun, festive frolics and hangovers. Rising from my bed whatever time suits, rolling downstairs and straight onto the Buck’s Fizz. I recall afternoon naps with a full tummy, before starting all over again on the party train about 5pm. Recalling these Christmases with fondness doesn’t mean I want them back. I have truly loved this year, but it’s just a pleasant reminder of how times have changed.  

Christmas past also reminds me of babies first Christmas…. There is so much build up and hype, all presents are wrapped weeks prior to the big day. They have colour coordinated ribbons and labels, your baby that can barely sit up has a Christmas stocking with their name on, an advent calendar, a Christmas Eve box, 2 visits to see Santa and 3 outfits for Christmas Day. I think this was the Christmas I found most exhausting, if it’s your first one as a mummy, you build it up so big in your mind, you want it to be everything Christmas “should be”. Often the horrible reality is that baby doesn’t care about gifts, they’ll probably end up playing in a box or they will be teething, scream for half the day, you’ll have to try and eat dinner bouncing an angry little snot ball on one knee, not joining the other adults in a festive booze up, all the while wondering what happened to your chocolate box Christmas daydream. To those mummies (and dads) I will say it gets better, I have found each Christmas with children becomes more fun.

I’m by no means an expert, as I say it’s only my 4th Christmas as a mummy, but what I have learned is that it definitely doesn’t matter about the wrapping, infact young kids hardly care what’s even inside the paper anyway, just having something to tear open is enough. If they want to eat miniature heroes for breakfast, that’s ok too. It’s only one day a year. Although I might not get to party till the small hours and nap in the afternoon, I can enjoy when they nap in the pm and I get eat the rest of the miniature heroes in relative peace before it all starts again. 

Two children at Christmas is chaos, it’s messy, it’s noisy, it’s nothing like the festive scenes we imagine but it’s those things that make it real. I’ve so enjoyed this one for just learning to accept that.
Finally, I allow my mind to wander to Christmas yet to come. I can only dream of what it will be like with two boys that fully understand the concept of Christmas. I’m envisaging very early mornings with no afternoon naps to scoff chocolate in peace. Still at least they will wipe their own bums by then.
Wishing you all a very merry Christmas with your nearest and dearest. 

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