Be a bit more Three….

Be a bit more three….


As I sit here on my sofa, I just watched the TV commercial for o2 telling viewers to “Be a bit more dog”, it got me thinking, that’s quite a clever idea. Dogs are always happy. I then thought my three year old toddler is always happy too. So perhaps instead of “being more dog” (they do after all poop in public and have fleas) we should all try and be a bit more three.


My three year old is happier than me right now. FACT. Whilst I’m thinking about a million things I need to do, things I need to pay for and how I’m going to schedule my time over the next few days. He is thinking of nothing more than what Spiderman likes for breakfast. This gave me the idea for this blog.


I’ve listed below a few of the ways I think we adults can get more three year old in our lives.


Chase the things that make you happy – Its simple really, Ethan only does things he likes. He doesn’t have a list of to-dos for today, he just prioritises the things that he enjoys and does them.


Be honest with your emotions. Ok so full on temper tantrums in the supermarket might not be the way forward, but if a three year old has an issue he tells you about it. He doesn’t bitch behind anyone’s back and he doesn’t let negative emotion fester away in his head.


Take pleasure in the details, and earn to love the little things. I know how happy Ethan is when there are lots of pineapple chunks in his granola in the mornings. Perhaps if we adults slowed down for a second, we too could be excited about the details. From extra chocolate sprinkles on your latte to finding a £2 in your pocket, we should really try and be grateful for life’s little bits.


Have less fear, now I’m not talking about jumping down an entire flight of stairs and hoping a co-worker will catch you. I mean, if you want something, don’t be afraid to ask. Don’t just wait for someone to offer, be brave and ask a question. Whats the worse that could happen?


I promise you all out there, I’m going to try and be “a bit more three” I hope you will too, I think there is lots to be learned from our mini selves.

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  • Olesia

    “a bit more three” 🙂
    I would say “a bit more child”. My son is almost 16 months and he also enjoys every single moment of his little life. He is a happy boy and I learn this from him.

    • Emma

      of course! All kids have such happy simple souls, I only said “be more three” as it rhymes…and my son is three x


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