Banana and Nutella Cake

Its a miserable sunday afternoon and I’m feeling very sorry for myself – so the healthy eating has gone out the window whilst I make cake.

This is such a simple cake, no fancy ingredients just items laying about in the kitchen.

3 over ripe bananas

225g Self raising flour

115g Butter

2 Eggs

170g Sugar

Jar Nutella


In one bowl mash up the bananas

In second bowl mix together butter and sugar

Add eggs to the butter and sugar mixture

Pour into the mashed bananas and add flour on top

Pour into 2 circular cake tins

Bake for 20–25 mins at 180C


Once Cakes have cooled, remove from tins and speed Nutella onto one cake, whilst placing the other on top


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  • plasterers bristol

    This sounds really nice and something different to try. Thanks for sharing this recipe.



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