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Thanks for visiting my site, my name is Emma Glover and some people may know me a professional model.  What most people don’t know about is my biggest ever achievement….I am a full-time mum too.  I have an amazing 3 year old son and have managed to continue working full-time whilst learning to be a mum at the same time!  Sound familiar to anyone?

Juggling motherhood whilst working isn’t unusual as lots of mums do it, and my line of work meant it was one of the most difficult industries to get back into and to be successful.  I have always tried to challenge some of the stereotypes associated with my line of work. I know that some models don’t have the best reputations (most are lovely girls who will be great mums by the way!) but I hope I can change some common misconceptions throughout this journey.

When I fell pregnant with my second child this year, I took some time away from modelling and it got me thinking about the future.  I felt this was the right time to combine my two jobs with my love of communicating with people.  Irrespective of chosen line of work, all parents juggle the same things; lack of sleep, time and energy whilst trying to maintain personal relationships and work commitments! It was looking at these issues that face working parents that got me thinking about “Model Mummy”.

I would describe myself as a passionate, driven person that likes high heels, sparkly things and pizza. I don’t like being covered in sick and spit but I wouldn’t change either of those substances for the world!  I am loyal to my friends and think the world of my family, especially the little people in my life.  Motherhood is a full-time job and when I am awoken at 3am, because of “Model Mummy”, I find myself writing down issues I face, new ideas or posts for this site!

Like every parent I hope to instil the same morals and values into my children that my parents taught me.  If you are a parent, grandparent, auntie, uncle, brother or sister I do hope you join me on this journey.  I want to share hints, tips and my stories with you whilst reviewing the coolest and most helpful products, gadgets and gizmos out there.  I hope you find something you like here as I try my best to document the crazy world of motherhood, one day at a time.

Thanks, Em xx

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  • Sophia

    yOu are the best, and sure motherhood is a full time jOb 😉 gOOd luck to u and all the mummys …

  • Emma

    Hi Emma, great blog. I have recently had a baby boy who is now 7 months. Going back to work next week 🙁 still trying to get my body back. Before I was 8 stone 6 and went up to 12 and now 8 12, getting there slowly.

  • Dave Kinder

    Hi Emma,

    I never knew you had children.

    I have only known you as a beautiful model.

    Whoever your partner is is a lucky guy and keep up the good work.

    Dave x


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