5 Physical symptoms you won’t expect

5 Psychical symptoms you won’t expect post baby….


My son is now six weeks old; there are no shortage of crazy things that have happened to my body in the last couple of months. Some I have been prepared for, others have left me bewildered.


Spotty Chin

Now it may well be down to the dreaded hormones rushing about post baby, but it’s most likely due to having a baby’s head nestled under there night and day. Having a baby wedged upright on your chest whilst you jig them up and down to shush them, or soothe them or wind them in the wee hours of the morning is a new mums reality. Expect the spotty chin to follow.


Achy hands

Sometimes I feel like an 80-year-old arthritic lady. My poor fingers and hands are so stiff and sore.  At first I couldn’t work out why, I have now realised that the typical winding position- with a hand across babies chest, and a finger and thumb under their chin for hours at a time will give you a bit of pain. Especially if you’re baby struggles to get their wind up. I try and remember to swap hands now…otherwise it’s the ‘on chest position’ (please see above)


Upper/Mid/Lower Back pain

Now one might assume that Back pain is a symptom or result of pregnancy. I have to disagree in my case. I saw an Osteopath every month and was pain free throughout. This back pain has started since Brody was born. Whether it’s hunching over to change a nappy, lifting the car seat, carrying baby everywhere (even to the loo) or getting into a funky position for feeding. Newborns and back pain seem to go hand in ‘sore hand’.


Night Sweats

I’m not a very sweaty person ordinarily; infact I’m usually freezing and have even been known to purchase jumpers to wear in Egypt. However, night sweats have come to haunt me. I get changed more times a night than my baby and my washing pile is enormous. I believe hormones are to blame for this lovely symptom. The best way I can describe this feeling is ‘that moment when you turn the shower off in a cold bathroom’ expect I don’t shower in my pajamas and my bedroom is not a cold bathroom.


I’m desperately trying to think of a positive physical change post baby. The best I can offer is you learn to function on a lot less sleep than you think you require. So I suppose you could become more proactive with your time? But that’s only if your not too busy resting your back, your achy hands, cleansing your spotty chin or showering and washing your sweaty bedding.


Enjoy it mammas xxx



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